On May 24, 2017 staff, students, community members, and Fordson graduates will honor Bill and Delores Brehm when they unveil the newly named Brehm Hallway at Fordson High School, 13800 Ford Road, Deaborn 48126. The ceremony will start in the auditorium of the school at 2:45 p.m. and conclude with the unveiling of the new signs in the front hallway.

Since 2004, fifty-three Fordson students have received the Brehm Scholarship providing them with full resident tuition as they work toward a four-year undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Candidates for the Undergraduate Brehm Scholars Program must be Fordson graduates and be admitted to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. They must also demonstrate a record of academic excellence, exceptional leadership, and a deep commitment to their community.

Mr. Brehm also created the Brehm Medical School Scholarships for those Brehm Scholars and other eligible Fordson, then U of M graduates who go on to study at the University of Michigan Medical School. There have been twenty-one Brehm Medical Scholarships awarded to-date, including eleven students who have received both scholarships.

Linda Saab, 2004 Fordson Graduate, was the first person to receive the Brehm Scholarship. In a video posted on the Brehm scholarship website, Linda talks about the impact that Mr. Brehm has had on her life and the life of her family. Ms. Saab graduated from U of M in 2008 and U of M Medical School in 2013.

Linda also encourages other students to work toward applying for the scholarship, “By taking advantage of the Brehm Program, you’ll be increasing your personal confidence and developing your professional abilities to their fullest.”

Born and raised in Dearborn, Mr. Brehm is a 1947 graduate of Fordson High School. He graduated from the University of Michigan earning a Bachelor of Science with honors and a Master’s of Science majoring in mathematics and physics. He began his career in advanced engineering putting his talents to use in the aerospace industry. In addition to his success in the business world, Mr. Brehm also served as assistant secretary of the Army, and in the 1970s as assistant secretary of defense in the Ford Administration.

“This is just a small token of our appreciation to Bill and Delores Brehm for all they have done for our students but even more important for their lifelong commitment to give back to the community,” commented Dr. Heyam Alcodray, Principal at Fordson High School.

The Brehm’s have also generously supported the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance with scholarships and other support of the music arts. In addition to their work with the University of Michigan, Bill and Dee support the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, & the Arts that they founded at Fuller Theological Seminary. There is also a Brehm Center for Special Education Scholarship and Research at Eastern Michigan University, where Mrs. Brehm received her degree in Special Education.

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